Triton L4 Pro Spec V2 ELITE .21

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  • Product Code: Off Road Engine
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In the Persuit of total perfection Triton is proud to announce the Triton L4 V2 Elite racing engine. Triton is known for its quality insane power and incredible fuel economy but we didn’t stop there. Is not just a new name, the L4 V2 Elite has a new piston/sleeve design increasing fuel mileage and providing an even smoother bottom end power delivery.

The carburetor low speed needle and housing design has been changed to provide even easier tuning than the previous version. The crankcase has been optimized for power and efficiency by manipulating the internal volume and angles. Cooling head is milled for easier engine mount driver access. . As always the highest quality bearings available are used in our engines. A Swiss front bearing with our special seal designed to prevent leaks like traditional front bearings and a Swiss Ceramic inner bearing provides ultra low friction and longetivity. To top is off it has an all new DLC (Diamond like coated) crankshaft for added wear resistance and longetivity.

Each Triton Elite engine is hand matched, fitted and assembled in the USA with proprietary designs only our engines have. Tritons are not just another rebadged engine. We take pride in our products, have spent thousands of hours of R & D testing our designs and you simply will not find a higher quality, faster or more reliable engine on the market. Hand matched in the USA.

The Triton L4 V2 Elite is a profession al level racing engine providing smooth bottom end power delivery and strong midrange and top end performance. This smooth, more controllable powerband makes it easier to keep traction down on loose track surfaces or is great for drivers who like a smooth controllable feel. But don’t let “smooth” fool you, squeeze the trigger and the incredible amount of HP is there when you need it!

The Triton carburetor is one of the most user friendly carburetors in the industry and provides a rock solid idle and easy stable tuning. Triton glow plugs recommended ( not included).


  • special seal front bearing
  • High quality ceramic Swiss rear bearing
  • Dual counterweighted balanced silicone filled crankshaft
  • Ultra strong lightweight connecting rod
  • DLC Diamond like coated crankshaft
  • Large diameter lightweight cooling head
  • Machined front case for flywheel clearance
  • Easy and stable tuning carburetor


Engine size: 3.49cc
Bore X Stroke: 16.2 X 16.8
HP: 2.8RPM: 41,000

Triton engines are made in Italy and designed in the USA by Lance Heidmannwith proprietary Specs not found in any other engine brand.